How to make something ugly looking much better :)

Unfortunately, I didn't make a picture before I had my mad-scientist-moment-of-crafting, but TRUST me, this old cap was very ugly – because it's orange color started to get darker during years of standing on top of my washcloth box. Of course, that's normal – it's made out of plastics, but I just couldn't stand looking at it anymore! Especially because it snapped on a part. So I just took it, went onto my balcony, took a transparent primer… Waited for it to dry… Then I took my yellow acrylic spray paint, painted it, waited, then put another coat of yellow.
Later that day, after I was sure it was dry, I took my NEON PINK acrylic spray paint and tried a small ombre effect :)

After everything was dry, I took my permanent marker, or – I am sure if I say “Sharpie” it would sound more familiar to you :). I just tried to draw something looking like paisley. :) And, VOILA! :)

Do you like how it looks? Aw, yes – the last thing I did was spraying some varnish onto the cap :)
P.S.: Sorry for the bad photos, I couldn't wait until tomorrow, I took a pic during night, so it's a bit darker than in nature. I hope you don't mind :)



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